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Why SlimTone Academy?

Our goal with SlimTone Academy is to remove every obstacle – whether physical, mental or emotional that prevents people from living their best, healthiest lives.

Like most busy adults, I struggled to find the time and motivation to focus on my health. After losing my daughter, I knew that taking my health for granted was no longer an option. That’s when I finally committed to a healthy lifestyle, found success, and shortly after I started helping others like me transform their lives with the opening of a local fitness studio.

After working with countless women and men who struggled to live a healthy lifestyle, one thing became apparent. It wasn’t that they were lazy or unmotivated, but were confused and overwhelmed with what needs to be done to live the healthy lifestyle they deserve.

The internet bombards us with information on how to lose weight. Online you’ll find thousands of websites and videos contradicting one another. Couple that with others trying to sell you useless fitness products, dangerous supplements, and pyramid schemes; it becomes apparent why people are discouraged. It’s overwhelming and hard to make sense of.

I created SlimTone Academy to bring community, support, and guidance to anyone looking to live a healthy life – not just those who can afford expensive coaching.

I’m Alan Ashley, Creator of SlimTone Academy, and I invite you to join and experience the life-changing community of SlimTone by creating a free account today!