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I love SlimTone! From fitness to nutrition, I have everything I need. Thank you, Alan and Maria, for a fantastic program!




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Workouts For Every Body

Awesome on-demand workouts scalable to any fitness level you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, or take with you to the gym. Each month you’ll received guided workouts teaching you new skills and techniques, removing all of the guesswork out of your fitness routine. Whether new to exercising or someone with prior experience, this program is for you.

Nutrition Based On Real-Life

Most people struggle or only experience short-term success with “dieting.” We fix this by breaking nutrition down into stages to ensure you use the right strategy, at the right time. Our approach is not about restrictions or “food guilt,” but real-life strategies with a focus on consistency and developing long-lasting, healthy habits so you reach your goals and keep your results. Now you can achieve short and long-term success without frustration and feeling overwhelmed. 

SlimTone Success Path Formula

Stop the madness of diet rollercoasters and avoid the overwhelm. With the help of The SlimTone Success Formula, you’ll know the exact step-by-step strategies to implement to make consistent progress faster than you ever thought possible. BECAUSE that progress will only happen if you take action on what you’ve learned… and we’ve made it easier for you to do exactly that!

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SlimTone Community

Connect with a community of like-minded SlimTone members. Hit the channel up for a loving kick of encouragement, advice to help you overcome roadblocks or to discuss your favorite workout 💪

Your SlimTone Membership

Guided Workouts On demand

Each month you'll get new fun, scalable workouts complete with video demonstrations that you can do from the comfort of your own home or take with you to the gym.

Nutrition Without Restrictions

We'll show you how to eat better without feeling deprived. You'll learn how to develop a plan that works for you, your body, and your life so that you don't feel frustrated or overwhelmed.

Mindset Mastery

We'll show you how to break through any limiting beliefs you may have that prevent you from unlocking your true potential. Develop a rock-solid mindset by creating powerful beliefs and achieve your goals.

Better Together Community

In our private, membership-only community, you can share ideas, get feedback, and connect with others looking to take themselves to the next level. And best of all, you’ll feed off the progress others are making.

SlimTone Success Formula

With the help of the SlimTone Success Path, you'll focus only on the strategies you need to implement right now to make more progress faster than you ever thought possible. No more starting then stopping, and no more overwhelm.

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