SlimTone Academy is an online course platform. 

The SlimTone philosophy inspires all our programs. We’re all about committing to real, sustainable, life-long health. Being a part of our community means believing in the power of living a healthy lifestyle.

Because giant leaps always begin with small steps.

Our programs were created for anyone who is in the pursuit of self-improvement. SlimTone Academy values balancing life, health, and fitness. So if any of that rings true for you too, you’re definitely at the right place!

Glad you asked. You’ll be able to join SlimTone Academy entirely within our website.

When you purchase a membership, you’ll create an account during checkout. After checking out, you’ll be able to navigate to your dashboard to see your purchased programs. Simply click on the program you wish to view and you’ll be taken to your program.

Also, our programs are also completely on-demand. This means you can skip a lesson, or re-watch a lesson at your own convenience. You can binge the full course in one sitting, or space it out over as much time as you want. You’ll always have the control to take our courses at your own pace.

Once you’ve purchased your membership, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to set up your account. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact us using the form below.


On the login page, simply click the “forgot password?” link and follow the prompts. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate reaching out to support below.

Well that’s a bummer! We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all courses. It’s an honor-based system, aka: we trust you, and we want you to trust us too. So if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll give you your money back, period. Please contact us below and we’ll do our best to make it up to you.

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