Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The SlimTone Academy?
SlimTone Academy is a private (and paid) community dedicated to helping professionals, parents, and other busy adults learn, grow, connect, and thrive on their health and fitness journey. Members can post questions and get answers directly from other members, meet new people, stay connected, get access to valuable resources, and more. 
Do you offer free trials?
No, but you can join for FREE with limited access and preview the community without purchasing a paid membership! With our memberships, you can cancel anytime — no annual commitments. If you join our community as a paid member and decide to leave within 30 days, you'll only be charged the initial investment for the first month. You will always have access to our free plan.
Is this community right for me?
We think you'll love our community if you're newer to living a healthy lifestyle and have any questions or want to meet and chat with other people like yourself. If you're willing to contribute and learn from others, you'll love it here.

However, our community is probably not suitable for you if you don't plan to stay actively engaged, have nothing to contribute (questions, comments, links, etc.)
How much does it cost to join?
You can join for FREE with limited access. You can also choose from several membership options on our pricing page. Monthly and annual plans can be canceled at any time and lifetime plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.
Can I upgrade from a monthly plan to a lifetime plan?
Yes! Our plan options are powered by ThriveCart, which puts you in control of your membership. If you want to switch, cancel your monthly plan and purchase the lifetime plan instead. Previous payments will not count as a discount toward the lifetime plan. If you have more questions, email us at support(@)getslimtone(.)com!
Why charge for access? This should be free!
We charge for community access to keep the members and conversations high-quality and avoid a biased vetting process. This also helps us maintain our website and add more community features such as apps and integrations to deliver the best health and fitness content to you! Our community is valuable, and we believe that when members pay, they will stay more actively engaged.

However, you can join for free with limited access and "try before you buy."
What's the purpose of this community?
Our community was created to help professionals, parents, and busy adults make personal connections with like-minded people, learn faster, make better decisions, and avoid costly mistakes. Blogs, newsletters, eBooks, and YouTube channels are all great ways to learn, but there's nothing quite as valuable as having conversations with other people walking the same path as you!
I'm not an expert... is this still for me?
Absolutely. In fact, you are the reason why this community exists. You have no obligation to answer questions, but remember that you've had experiences that someone else hasn't. That makes you valuable even if you're just starting out or feel like your floundering right now. You are awesome, you are welcomed, and you are encouraged to be bold and share your thoughts!


What our members are saying about the community:

Our members love The SlimTone Academy community, but don't take our word for it. See what they have to say!
"I needed a group that understood the busy life of a professional with two busy toddlers. SlimTone was perfect in that it provided a guided path that worked with my family, limited-time, and professional commitments. It works for me and has allowed me to create a better lifestyle for both myself and my family."

Nicole S.

SlimTone Member

"I thank SlimTone Academy for all the knowledge they've given me. Not only about nutrition and health, but about supporting others. When I first joined, I was out of shape and nervous, but the community was supportive, which helped me overcome my fears and make serious progress towards my goals."

Youka K.

SlimTone Member

"I've improved my half-marathon time by over 15-minutes since joining. Overall, I feel less stressed in general, and it's been an important way to keep my personal and professional life balanced. It's a great place to push and challenge yourself to be better in a supportive environment."

Maddy M.

SlimTone Member


A community for professionals & busy adults.

Professional and busy adults need more than just books, articles, and supplements. Our community is where you can connect with real people, learn from their experiences, and get practical advice when you need it most.
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